With back to school comes the parental food preoccupation once again


Since the kids started eating lunch at school going back several years now, a favorite (and requested) packed lunch has been what you see in the above picture:

a flat hamburger bun cut in half
a slice of roasted turkey
two thin slices of cucumber in between the turkey so as not to get the bread ‘wet’ Continue reading

Bad mood

Like some other people, I don’t bake much. (Andrea @missfish comes to mind, I think Sharon @SharonDV too said something to that effect at some point)…it has to do with measuring and exact amounts. Not me, at least not in the kitchen.

But I am in a blah, horrible, depressed, icky mood so I baked cookies. Then I ate one, and it wasn’t baked long enough (even though I followed the instructions exactly).

So then I ate another one. And stuck the rest of them back in the oven. Continue reading

But I don’t LIKE this dinner!

One day I made turkey for dinner. With potatoes and squash, cranberry sauce and salad.

The 4yo wants to know what we’re having for dinner.

“But I don’t like turkey! And I don’t like squash!”

I was not in the mood to deal with the varying responses that are required as part of my parently duties during a situation like this, so I open the fridge, notice some leftover pasta, and heat it up for him.

We sit down at the table. On the table is a large platter full of turkey, potatoes, squash and cranberry sauce.

Everyone helps themselves.

The 4yo sits down, looks at the plate of pasta in front of him, looks at the toddler’s pasta-less plate in front of her, and then looks at the platter of food.

Tears well up in his eyes.

“But, but, I want to try some of THAT too”, he wails.

I hand him a serving spoon.

He has two plates full of everything except the squash.