How to get, and stay, organized

Alternative titles:
Wishful thinking.
How to get, and stay, organized for a week and then fail.
How to complicate life with to-do lists.
How to get organized on the cheap.
How to procrastinate with schedules, calendars, and to-do lists. 

* * *

A couple of days ago I bought two binders. A red one and a blue one. $1.99 each at the local drugstore. (If I had gone to Staples or Walmart, I would have spent $199 on various things on my list so I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t go there.)

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Drink water


We all need to drink water. Fresh, clean, good water.

But most of us forget to drink water as often as we should. Well…fear no more.  There’s someone tweeting every hour about this very topic…

So if you’re thirsty, drink some water now!

And if you want to be reminded to drink water before you get thirsty, go here.


What day is it?

I am so confused.

Today, when I picked up Ben at his daycare, I packed his indoor shoes to take home. We always do that on Friday because he needs those shoes for Kindergym on Saturday.

Except, today is Thursday.

Then, I lay out Ben’s gym clothes on his bed for tomorrow. You know, so daddy can just throw the clothes on the kid and drink coffee at the same time without having to ask me incessant questions about where we keep the trackpants and stuff like that.

Except, tomorrow is FRIDAY, as I said. A normal day with daycare at 8:30. Not Kindergym. That happens on Saturdays. Which is NOT tomorrow.

THEN, despite my electronic reminders, my dry-erase board reminder, my calendar reminder, and the voicemail reminder from the nice lady at the audiologist’s office, I was preparing for my mom’s arrival tomorrow. She was going to sit with the kids so hubby and I can clean up the basement and prep for priming. All day tomorrow.

Except, mom is working tomorrow. And so is hubby. BECAUSE, I repeat, IT’S FRIDAY, NOT SATURDAY TOMORROW.

I am telling myself to get with the program right now. By sticking yellow post-it notes in various locations throughout the house reminding myself that I have to drop Ben at the daycare prior to going to my appointment. And to not forget his indoor shoes. Or my healthcard.

I was a day ahead all day today.