Packing, moving, renovating

It has been so long since I’ve been on this blog I had to look up the password.

Not sure where to begin since I’m trying to keep it together here, but barely hanging on a thread. We are moving into a tiny shoebox house for a couple of months in two weeks, 2 WEEKS, so the packing post-holidays has begun in earnest. It appears however that things are not quite as overwhelming as I thought, originally, since we do not appear to have quite as much useless stuff as I first assumed, but on the other hand, the way we store some of the stuff we want to keep has me ranting and raging on a regular basis lately.

I must find a way to train the entire family how to be more….orderly. Or something. Continue reading

On and on and on…

The smallest of the 3 rooms in the basment is about as big as a prison cell. The closet takes up an entire wall. That’s the closet, to the left.


It’s the only thing that’s primed.


The room opposite this one is about twice as big with a closet about half the size of this one.

The big rec/livingroom on the other side is about a gazillion times bigger.

If I can paint an hour every day like I did today, the basment will be primed sometime by Xmas time. And painted, with a floor in, sometime by Xmas time 2009.