Summer vacation started on Friday at 3:15 pm and it’s been a pretty good start so far. We had tennis lessons, a birthday party, a visit or two, and we set up the backyard pool and a new canopy for shade over the picnic table. Which is where I’m sitting right now typing…this, ladies and gents, is my new office.


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The endless glamour of an errand day

Two days of non-stop running around, an ongoing illness that won’t go away, work that finished and then started again, and kids that grow and demand stuff have left me exhausted.

I made a nice list for myself last night and continued it this morning. Oh how prepared I was! How organized! I was going to get all the running around done before lunch and spend the rest of the afternoon, after taking time to prepare and duplicate a Pickle Barrel quinoa salmon salad lunch in my kitchen and eat it, cleaning up the house for the surveyor people who are coming here tomorrow to do stuff. Bank-y stuff for the renovations.

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Lost stuff may as well be gone forever

Nothing is truly lost until mom can’t find it

No truer words have ever been written. I’m telling you right now, the state of my house has me at my absolute nervous-breakdown edge, and looking for lost stuff is what my daily life consists of. Continue reading

The ugly truth

People who know me, or who read this blog, hear me moan bitch complain about the tiny-ness and claustrophobic-ness of this house occasionally sometimes all the time. We live in a 2-bedroom bungalow that has a basement with two additional rooms and a large-ish space which functions as the kids’ play area.

But it’s still a 2-bedroom bungalow.

Because of the pipe backup into part of the basement and the renovators currently in the basement doing stuff, I have more clutter upstairs in our everyday living space.

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Backed-up sewers, home renovations, and assorted hoopla

So while many people deal with real tragedies you hear about in the media, like Newton, or murder-suicides where mothers kill their children and then themselves, or my sister’s friend who has a 5 year old with cancer, I deal with what may seem rather inconsequential, relatively speaking. I mean, it’s kind of annoying and bothersome and I have to hang around and put my life on hold all day to wait for people to show up at the house to deal with all the crap around here, and when they don’t show up and I have to go get kids in school or drop kids off at activities, it adds to the annoyance factor.

But they’re small issues compared to the big ones out there.

Still. Backed-up sewage and contamination requiring semi-major renovations after serious disinfecting activities, it’s not fun. Continue reading

Chuncky legs

I’m on the phone calling his cell phone. He’s out running an errand with the 3yo.

Me: Hi. Um….

Him: Yes?

Me: Can you buy me some legs?

Him: What?

Me: Some legs. I need you to buy me some legs.

Him: Sorry, you need what? Ben just coughed…you need links?

Me: LEGS. I need legs.

Him: Oh, ok. Legs. What kind of legs?

Me: Chunky ones, and not too long. I don’t want them longer than a few inches. And not wheels. I don’t want legs on wheels.

Him: Ok, for the thing by the hallway. Right?

Me: Yes. Legs for the cabinet we’re going to turn into a bench for the children.

Him: I’ll see what I can find.

Interior closet organizers

This has kept me sleepless for days now.

All I want is for my new, empty closets in the newly renovated basement to be functional. You know, so I can see at a glance what is in it and take out what I need.

Because if I keep storing everything in bins, labeled or not, I will have wasted precious time and money having these closets built.

Because inevitably, there will be challenges with other members of the family having to commit to the responsibility of keeping the bins organized. One in particulary would probably make somewhat of an effort, but inevitably he will get frustrated with having to move the top bin to get to the bottom bin, spend time searching for a particular item inside the bin, then having to put it all back in the exact position it as in before.  Knowing what I know, he would get frustrated and simply end up going out to buy an identical product. And I do not need duplicate items in this tiny house thank you very much.

The other members of the family can’t read yet, so that poses additional challenges. How do you tell your 3yo to go downstairs, find the middle bin in the small room closet, move the top middle bin without breaking a bone in the process, take out item X, then put the lid back on the middle bin, replace the other bin back on top, close the door and don’t make a mess while you’re down there for god’s sake?

Ain’t going to happen.

So I started looking around. I really like the California Closet ads, but that’s just a tad out of my league.

I started with Ikea. They have good (enough) products, great space-saving ideas, and usually decent prices. But the choices were too many, and it required things like arithmetic and measuring tape, so I went to Canadian Tire (or Home Depot, or Wal-Mart, they’re all the same) and looked at the Rubbermaid options.

I ended up buying the Rubbermaid option. The closet kit for 50 bucks seemed simple and straight forward enough, so I bought it and took it home.

Carried it downstairs.

Savored what my empty closet looked like.

Left it for DH to put up.

It remained in the closet, in the box, for several days. DH doesn’t have time.

So I opened the box myself. The instruction sheet indicated that I needed to drill about a gazillion holes in the wall to accomodate some of the shelving. It was just daunting. I mean, I’m pretty handy, I can DO things, but this was just too time-consuming. I got babies for crying out loud. Finding 10 uninterrupted minutes is a luxury, but this kit would require several hours, if I’m estimating things correctly. And the baggies with the hardware? I’m not an engineer you know. I just want to put some shelving and a clothesrack in there, not reinvent the wheel. Or closet.

So back into the box it went.

Now I’m pouring over Ikea catalogues. Actually, I like some of their options, but the choices there are pretty daunting too.  Pax, Hopen, Stolmen, Komplement and Broder, to name a few of their funky product names. I think I’ve narrowed it down to Broder, but who knows what will happen when I get there.

I will need to buy each piece seperately, since that is the way of Ikea, which is fine, if you have time to do things without incessant interruptions. But the planning part too will take some time. It will require measuring tape, stud-finder gadgets, and some pre-visualizing of the final product. Then, it will require the actual shopping trip where one hopes that all the items one so carefully selected will be in stock.

Perhaps I will volunteer DH to take care of it. Bribe him with “I’m taking the kids for a playdate, go to Ikea and buy yourself a $1 breakfast, then buy me the friggin closet organizers, this is what I want, feel free to install it when you get home, yada…”. We’ll see how that pans out.

But it is kind of exciting. So exciting in fact that I spent the bulk of today organizing various kiddie clothes, making piles of “keep for future”, “donate”, “sell”, “send to nephew” and “keep for friend’s kid”. Now I have 3 empty (EMPTY!) bins, a few bags with clothes I will throw in the car to drop off here and there, and eternal hope for organization.

Maybe I’m kidding myself, but it’s worth a try at least.

Oh, and on that topic, I bought one of those storage-vacuum-bag thingies, that promises to reduce the size of the contents to mere inches. Can’t wait to try that out on all the heavy winter coats!


The renovations that never end

Last weekend when hubby had 4 days off in a row I was CONVINCED I’d be able to move certain furniture out of my livingroom into my basement.


I am an idiot.

Not only is the furniture still UP HERE where it will probably remain for the forseeable future, but now we are out of quarter round.

And trim.

Which both need to be painted.

Two pieces of trim and 14 pieces of concave quarter round.

It’s really these details that wear me down.

You see, we finally have a floor in the main livingroom.

A floor I cannot see anymore because it is convered by protective paper and tools like table saws and drills, rubber bins with bedding in them (since I have no closet space for linens), and trim pieces.

And carpet remnants. And underpadding from the carpets.

Because the carpet guy came today and put the carpets in the other rooms.

Which is all fine and dandy except now we need more quarter round and trim, both of which needs to be painted, two coats (2 COATS) and dried, before it can be used.

Painted in some area where there is no dust.


But we have flooring.

And carpeting.

Both of which we did not have for the past 5 months.

So maybe this is a good thing.

Too bad I’m having such a hard time actually SEEING the progress.

What are the chances this painting/trimming/quarter rounding will be done this weekend in a least ONE MEASILY LITTLE AREA OF THIS GODFORSAKEN BASEMENT?

I just really want my life back.

The end.

Mid-week rants

Who is incompetent here? 

We registered Ben for swimming lesson online with the city. The system of course is complicated. The program at the pool we wanted didn’t come up (we now know why, there’s a problem with mould). So he registered him for one course at another pool, and meant to register him on wait lists on two other ones as backup. The courses of course didn’t end up on the wait lists. They were registered officially and a charge of $28 for each was applied to the credit card. I find out today that in order to cancel you have to send a letter, or fax it which they do not recommend but is acceptable, and a $10 administration fee is applied for each course. On a course that costs $28.

10 bucks! Isn’t that a tad excessive? Ludicrous?? I’m amazed and pissed off.

 * * *

Renovations update 

For some reason, ordering carpeting is really challenging for some people who shall remain nameless. I was given the impression that the order was done and all I had to do was wait for them to call and give us a date for installation.

Well, they called today with the quote. And no, the carpet isn’t ordered till it’s paid in full. And the carpet, once ordered, has to come in from across the border, which takes about a week (which really means two). Then, they’ll call again to see when it’s convenient to install. And how did I want to pay for this? Use the account he opened up? And no, the upgraded underpad isn’t on the order….

I’m confused. My husband normally is quite clean in his instructions. I’m sure he mentioned the underpad upgrade to them. Why wouldn’t he? And they gave him that gift card with the “do not pay for 6 months option” specifically for that purpose. I’m sure he mentioned that he will pay for the carpet that way….and why didn’t they order it right then and there? They extended us all this extra credit we don’t even need, and the guy came to measure the same day he called, so from where I’m sitting they have all the info…so why don’t I have carpeting? And why won’t I have carpeting for another several weeks???

So now he has to go and pay for it. Sometime after work. Or before work. Which may or may not happen today.

I’m not only pissed off, I’m very, very tired of all this shit.

* * *

Last day of toddlerhood 

It’s day 3 of March Break, and the tot is home. Day 1 and day 2 have been busy so it’s been quite good, despite that the weather sucks and the baby is cranky. Tomorrow we have plans at the grandparent’s place because my baby is turning 3 years old (!), and on Friday we’ll be busy coming down from the birthday (decompression? relaxation?). And with preparations for his party at Auntie Ing’s house on Sunday.

But today he’s bored. I took him out for a bit this morning, but now he’s into mischief, a sign of being bored. I ordered him into his room with the door closed till all the toys he threw around the room are put back in their respective boxes or baskets, and he’s coming out every few minutes with excuses.

He needs to make pipi on the potty.
He needs kleenex from the kitchen (he’s got two boxes in his room).
He needs his stuffed toy which he left on the couch…

It’s going to be a long afternoon.

Edited to add: There are now ink stamps all over various places on his walls. And his hands. He knows that stamping is only allowed on paper. Mamma is not happy.

PS. He started cleaning his room because he saw me eat a few smarties. He wanted to know where his snack was. My response was that he will have his snack when the room is tidy.

PPS. The room is not tidy.

* * *

I put my toffee in the freezer because my addiction is getting on my nerves.