Bathtime fun with ice cubes continued

So tonight we used ice cubes which I made using food colour the night before.

I wasn’t sure if the food colour would stain the child, the tub, or me, so I gave him a few plastic containers in which I placed a red and a blue ice cube. Hoping that while they melted, the diluted solution wouldn’t stain as much.

hs_icecube1.jpg hs_icecube3.jpg hs_icecube2.jpg

Seems I worried for nothing.

The coloured water didn’t stain the tub, and there was ample time to play with the ice cubes before they melted.

We discovered two things:

    1. red and blue ice cubes make purple water
    2. ice cubes get smaller when they swim in water

He enjoyed this little lesson so much he requested green ice cubes.

It just so happens that I have yellow food colouring on hand…and some leftover blue icecubes…