Shoes, feet and shopping

On yesterday’s mid-season premier of The Walking Dead, Carl got into a situation with a walker who took his shoe.

This got me thinking of shoes, which got me thinking of shopping, which is not a thing I particularly enjoy. But, those damned kids feet keep growing and someone has to get them shoes, which is why today, I purposely picked a grocery store that is located adjacent, and sort of attached, to a mall.

outline of children's feet

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Shoes, etc.

Because we own more than one pair of shoes each, and because I cannot stand to have them all tossed randomly in some corner or closet, AND, in order to save my sanity, I will immediately need at least two of  these

and one of this.

I already know where I’m going to mount them to the wall. And which shoes will go on which rack. Mostly his, but some of mine too. He has way more shoes than I do…

Edited days later: