The ugly side of kids competitive sports – travel

I think it’s clear, even if you are new to this blog, that we are heavily involved on the sports side of things with our kids. It’s the kids that have requested to play in organized sports, and we started them out slowly, at local community centres and summer camps, to find out what it is they wanted to take out of these kinds of activities.

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When a boy turns 7

I have been racking my brain what to get Ben for his 7th birthday.

(He is going to be 7? Wasn’t it just yesterday he was in diapers, toddling around the backyard? Oh wait, he’s in grade 1 already….where has my baby gone?…)

* sigh *

There are no current plans to introduce video games, wii or any other related items into the household at this time. No handheld electronic gadgets either. We’re just not ready and he’s just so active – he’s the one who prefers himself to have someone kick the ball around with him rather than sit around and click his life way (like his parents seem to be doing incessantly).

I believe the time will arrive when he’s ready, and we’re ready, to go down the electronic gadget route, but for now, seeking an appropriate present of a different nature is on my brain.

So let’s see:

Lego he’s traditionally getting from the grandparents, and he already has almost all of the City Lego line…and that is a good backup toy if I can’t come up with anything else.

He needs a new bike, but you should see the one mom picked out for him – ooooooyyyy! He is going to flip!out! So that is taken care of.

Then I thought maybe I’ll get him a skateboard. But you know, I’m on the fence about it. They don’t look particularly safe, and frankly, even if he practices on the driveway between the two houses, and it slips away from him (and it will) it could smash up a basement window. Ours, or worse, the neighbour’s. Never mind the injury that comes to mind when I think of his bony, lean body…

So now I’m thinking in-line skates. He’s already in hockey on ice skates, and he’s a great skater, I’m sure for the summer he will be thrilled to continue skating on little wheels instead. I have visions that I could take him on his skates, and her on her bike with the training wheels removed, to the tennis court just a block around the corner, and have them practice in there (while I tweet and email in the sunshine).

We’ll see what the final verdict is. His birthday is in the middle of March break, and that is coming up fast, so a decision is imminent.

In the meantime I have to get used to the idea that my first-born is turning 7. They still seem so little at 6, but 7….he is definitely no longer a *little kid* by age 7.

Let the ride begin. I hope I won’t cry during his festivities.