Easy and quick summer salads

The good thing about the early summer weather we’re having is we tend to eat more salads.

The bad thing about the early summer weather weather we’re having is someone has to spend time in the kitchen and make the salads. The kitchen is INSIDE the house. I’d rather be OUTSIDE… 🙂

But alas, I was happy to have salads ready to eat whenever we felt hungry for the rest of the day. I figured since I’m chopping veg anyway I may as well do it all at the same time, get it done, and then head outside.

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A turn of events

Today, I was sitting at the park watching the kids play in the playground area when not one, but two school moms show up. One has kids Ben’s age, the other has one Ben’s age and Sonja’s best friend number 2.


They had planned a get together, the twins and the girl, and the little 4yo, who is Sonja’s best friend, whom we haven’t seen in ages, was there to play along. WELL, the mom of the 8yo twins said ‘you’re welcome to come over too’ and am I ever glad I did. With so many kids to entertain one another, I actually got a chance to sit and talk to other adults.

How refreshing.

Now the pasta is cooking, the hubby is bringing home wine, and the kids are partly bathed (her) and watching tv. What a nice day, to have a playdate and tonnes of fun, without actually planning it.

I love my neighbourhood. Too bad we might be moving….


It feels like Christmas around here

Or more correctly, the week after Christmas. Because of the stuff, you see.

Know what I mean?

There is nothing like coming back from a high-maintenance vacation (i.e. camping) that makes the house look similar to Boxing week. There are bins and piles of stuff all over the basement that need to be packed back up and put somewhere.

Where, is the question. Because I seem to be having less, not more, space.

Anyway, I’m looking to purge again. And maybe move the camping stuff to my parents’ basement (unless they have disowned me by then) once we take the hockey gear back (which we don’t need now, hence it is housing over there). Seriously…this is getting old.


Anyway, I do what I can. Which is ignore the mess and take the kids to family swim. Nothing else makes sense in this endless heat.

Walnut boats

Summer this year started early. We had the most wonderful, sunny and warm spring which evolved  into a sunny, hot and rather humid summer. With weather like that, the kids have spent most of their time outside.

With the outdoors, the activities are limitless. Really, they don’t need a lot of stuff to keep themselves occupied…and if you add the neighbour’s kids to the mix, even better!

Here is one thing we did:

Benjamin wanted paper boats for the little kiddie pool, and when paper, and wax paper, didn’t work properly, my mom remembered what they used to make when she was a girl. Walnut boats!

We spent the afternoon cracking walnuts, and with toothpicks and bits of paper, we made little sails. The walnut boats floated much better than the paper boats, and the kids were delighted!

Summer harvest

The delight these kids express when pulling vegetables from the soil…it’s priceless.

I’m surprised that my radishes grew as thick and round and big as they have given the heat wave we’ve had for weeks now. Usually, the radishes seem to prefer cooler temperatures. But we did water them daily, and mulched them religiously, so that could be the reason.

They don’t like radishes. They like carrots…so they get to eat the carrots, and we get to eat the radishes. Sprinkled with a tiny amount of sea-salt…yum!

The dog days of summer

School is out. Traffic is lighter. The sun is relentless. The mercury has reached incredible temperatures. The children are half, or sometimes fully naked, almost all of the time. Routines are lax. Meals are light and often bbq’ed. Drinks are cool (except for the morning coffee, lol!).

These are the dog days of summer here at Javaline.

This key phrase however has me stumped. Because we adults appear to be the only one who aren’t lounging and relaxing, playing and whiling, sleeping and napping all the time. We seem to be on an endless quest to prep, organize and plan the little people’s leisure activities.

I went to Wiki to check the origins of the phrase. Apparently even the Romans and Greeks used this phrase, and one custom was to sacrifice a brown dog to appease the rage of the star Sirius, believed to be responsible for the hot and sultry weather (yikes!).

Hot and sultry weather, marked by a stagnant lack of progress…or something. That is part of the definition…

Here’s what I have to say about THAT:


Summer days

Since the kids have been out of their regular routine with Kindergarten and Montessori daycare, we have been more lax in our daily activities. Sure, they still want breakfast, and lunch, and snacks, but I’m not looking at the clock when they want to eat. Let them eat when they are hungry! It’s summer! Who cares about meal times!

But routine is just around the corner again. Because camp is starting on Monday, and DH is going back to work on Monday, and I have a list a mile long of things I want to complete in my daily 3ish hours of family-free times…

Today is still the weekend. And weekends in summer means relaxing and having fun. Which we are about to undertake, by visiting some friends with kids the same age as ours.

We’ve also done some of this:

It’s cool to have an uncle with his very own forklift!

And we’ve also done some of this…

So far so good.

First day of summer vacation

Oh the ideas, the intent I have on how to keep those kids stimulated, happy, quiet and content….and me sane!

Oh….the dreams! The aspirations!

By 9 am I said “lets go for a bike rid”. Gets them out, gets me back to coffee quickly (half hour of activity for especially the 5yo who is on his own bike, tot is in the bike trailer), and at least they got some energy disbursed.

He wiped out. Twice. Because riding his bike on a non-paved, pebbled road in a park beside the lake, in a straight line at normal speeds is what adults do, not 5 year old boys.

But there were no tears. And he didn’t notice the scrapes and blood until we got home.

It’s 9:55 am…what will the rest of the day look like?

Once again…

I’ve said it before. It’s tradition. WHEN will I learn?

Hello heatwave! Wasn’t it just a couple of days ago I was wearing a jacket? Now, we can’t get cool enough.

Last year the a/c broke at the same time. There was some talk about fluid leaking but I saw no leak. I see no leak now. The air coming into the house is lukewarmish. Or, lukecoldish. It’s doing nothing to cool down the house. It’s 27 degrees Celsius in here which, for you Farenheit types, is HOT (just over 80).

It’s not the heat I dread. It’s that subtropical humidity. It’s making me crazy. Especially when the kids get all wound up…

Well…today, a new couch is coming. Leave it to hubby to venture into discount stores. $1000 couch, all leather, for 300 smackaroos. Only thing missing is the feet. We can get feet at Home Depot or Ikea….so. The new couch will be delivered today into our cool basement and we can finally start watching our new tv with comfort. Or more likely, sort kids clothes while watching tv. Or dust, or tidy toys, or clean something. While watching tv.

I’m not used to watching tv. This will be a novelty for me. Ha!

Reminder to self: go down there with big garbage bags. Time to purge.

At least it’s cool down there…