How to get, and stay, organized

Alternative titles:
Wishful thinking.
How to get, and stay, organized for a week and then fail.
How to complicate life with to-do lists.
How to get organized on the cheap.
How to procrastinate with schedules, calendars, and to-do lists. 

* * *

A couple of days ago I bought two binders. A red one and a blue one. $1.99 each at the local drugstore. (If I had gone to Staples or Walmart, I would have spent $199 on various things on my list so I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t go there.)

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Javamom’s long bedtime routine

The following is adapted from a spam email received from a friend.
Javamom and Javadad were watching the news on tv when Javamom said, ‘I’m tired, and it’s getting late. I think I’ll go to bed’.
On the way through the house to her bedroom she passed through the living room where she picked up two toys, lined up the boots on the shoe tray by the hallway, and made a mental note to sweep or vacuum the dog hair tomorrow.
Passing through the kitchen, she set down the toys on the table so she could fill the kettle with water, put coffee into the Bodum french press, get a bottle of milk ready for the baby and put it back in the fridge, and wipe up some wet spots on the counter. She then picked up the toys from the table, and quietly tiptoed into the boy’s room. She placed the toys in their designate spots on the shelf, tucked the boy in some more, gave him a kiss, and visually assured herself that his clothes are still laid out and ready for tomorrow the way she had prepared them earlier.
On the way to her bedroom, she detoured through the hallway to get to the bathroom. She bent down to straighten the mat by the back door, folded the dog towel that was crumbled by the wall, and made the second mental note to vacuum or sweep up the dog hair.
Finally in the bathroom she placed her Neutrogena facial cleanser near the sink and picked a fresh face towel to use after cleansing her face. She made the third mental note, this time to wash a load of towels, tied her hair back, and washed her face. As she reached for the towel to dry her face, she glanced in the mirror and noticed spots and smears on it. She bent down to pick up the Windex, realized there was no paper towels left, went out into the kitchen to get the paper towels from there, stopped by the pantry door to write down “paper towels” on the grocery list, went back into the bathroom and cleaned the mirror. She also realized the glass shelf was spotty and continued wiping it too. Then she used the already used paper towel and wiped the toilet seat before throwing the used paper towel in the waste basket. She made the next mental note to get a new bag for the waste basket tomorrow and washed her hands. Realizing the liquid soap was almost empty she reached down below to find the container of soap, filled up the pump. She then moisturized her face, brushed her hair, turned off the light and went into the bedroom.
In the bedroom she quietly changed into her pjs, placed her clothes in the hamper in the closet, took out some fresh clothes for tomorrow and placed them on her chair, and glanced into the crib to see if the baby was covered properly.
As she climbed into her bed, she heard Javadad walk from the living room to the bathroom, and less than a minute later he joined her in the bedroom to go to bed.
It amazed her that it was possible to walk through the entire house without stopping, focusing simply on achieving the ultimate goal – to go to bed. 


As a student, I knew how to procrastinate very well back in University. But I always managed to get things done in time somehow. I got my degree four years later, so I figured I had this procrastination managed.

As a parent of small children, I seem to manage my chronic procrastination fairly well until about mid-afternoon. By then, I’m all out of steam, and I tend to let things sit.

Often, bags and boxes of groceries may not get put away for a day or two. Which isn’t always a bad thing necessarily because I normally pack all the cold/refrigerator stuff together, and manage to get at least that stuff put away. The boxed stuff, like crackers, flour, other non-perrishable items, well, whatev. It can sit there for all I care till I feel up to bending over and picking it up and putting it in the cupboards.

Well today, I was rushed from the getgo. Sonja woke at 5:30 and wanted to immediately get up and start playing. WITH ME. I can usually keep her in her crib till at least 6 at which point I get her milk and my coffee ready, but today, no way sirrybob. Then I had a 6 foot list of groceries I needed to get done today, which was to occur immediately after dropping Benjamin at the Montessori. Once I got back DH was still home, Sonja was still napping, Ben was still in school, and Rusty needed a walk, so I figured I’ll save myself some grief later by getting the dog walked sans kids. Trust me, getting these kids dressed warmly and out the door while the dog is constantly underfoot takes me at least a half an hour and completely pisses me off. Which defeats the purpose of having a dog. I want to enjoy dog walking, and that does not seem possible anymore what with all the chaos around here in the afternoon. Not to mention my mood and patience level, which rapidly deteriorate as the day progresses.


I got the dog walked. Then it was time to pick up Ben. Then it was time to have lunch. Then I was suddenly surrounded by cranky babies, bags and boxes of groceries, toys, and semi-finished remnants of lunch. Just looking at all that stuff made me feel even more tired.

I also have two shelves lying around my almost-finished (freshly painted) livingroom. Shelves that need to be put up. Which requires me to go down to the basement to get the drill, the anchors, the screws and all the other associated stuff. Which inevitably will remind me that I have Ben’s wintercoat in the wash which needs to be taken out and hung up to dry. Which inevitably will inspire me to do another load of laundry (underwear comes to mind). At which point I will notice the bins that need sorting, the dust that needs vacuuming, and the various other activities that need handling down there (we’ve been renovating).

So instead, I brewed tea, sat down, and logged on to WordPress. Typing a post seems a lot less daunting than my to-do list for some reason.

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