Starting off tired, and a little uneasy

When people hear me say that I have active kids I feel like they’re rolling their eyes at me, even when they’re not. Most people think their kids are active, so why would mine be more so?

I invite you to come to my house at any given time of day or non-sleeping part of evening and night and judge for yourself. Continue reading

Working at home part-time, aka WAHM

It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it.

I’m not sure about it, now that I’m doing it. It’s the ‘time’ factor I’m struggling with…

The ‘part-time’ word itself is loaded. It could mean so many things. For me, part-time means ‘work while both kids are out of the house’. Which theoretically is a grand idea…except my younger one is in Kindergarten and only half day and by 11:30 she is home and wants to eat and play and talk… Continue reading

Working Javamom

Almost exactly one year ago, someone offered me an editing/proofreading job.

It sounded promising and exciting.

Nothing came of it.

I’m familiar with the industry and wasn’t surprised, but I have to admit I was a bit disappointed. And not just because the extra money would have been nice, and helpful, but also because part of me really would have liked to get my taste-buds flowing again with this type of work.

Then out of the blue I got a call, and then an email. And a few weeks later, the fed-ex guy shows up with a huge box.

The box contained two huge binders. Fun! Made me a bit dizzy, too. Literally, since the guy who sent me the binders is a smoker. All it took was to open the box and I was engulfed with second-hand smoke for a period of time. Had to sit beside an open window to start…

Now that I have those binders I have to proofread them. I started yesterday. With the kids gone off in the morning that was no problem. Today…totally different story. One kid was home all day, and the other needed pickup at lunch. The first kid had a stomach bug last night and puked up everything she ate for a period of several hours, lasting well into the night, and was better but not well today. A toddler who is not well but not really sick is…time-consuming. Also patience-draining.

Although naptime came early for the sick one, the older one is now here and interrupting me with his incessant chatter every few minutes. Reading important manuals requiring enormous amounts of concentration is not an option today. Nor is writing something for my new website I’m designing with my other friend…but that’s another day’s rant.

I spent the day today reminding myself that my first priority is to the kids when they are here. And not to take my eagerness to work on several projects at the same time out on them.

At the same time….I’m getting paid to do this proofreading work. For crying out loud.

Tomorrow, my mom is coming to spend some time with the offspring. I hope to get a good chunk of work done while she is here, and hope for the best over the weekend when daddy can take over for some of the time.

Until then…someone should send me some patience while I transition into this new work-at-home mode.

Also coffee. I’m almost out.