Are children today spoiled?

Sometimes I wonder if WE are breeding them to be this way…

He wanted a special type of candy called Sugus, brought back from Switzerland from my mom. They are candies I enjoyed as a child growing up in Switzerland. We have two bags of them and I consider them something special, to enjoy occasionally.

Today they were in camp. When they came home I told them I had a special surprise ready for them and served them, to their delight, a slice of blueberry cheesecake and some nice warm tea.

5 minutes later Ben wanted a Sugus. I said no.

The ensuing crisis was rather mind boggling. He got so upset, so angry at me, hurling accusations and stomping around, I have to wonder why not having one little candy is worth such drama. What would happen if something more substantial happened? I mean, sheesh…

He wanted to know why I always say no.

Huh? How many times a day do I say yes to their endless requests?

Was that cheesecake surprise not enough? (Stupid question, of course it isn’t. It’s never enough).

Were we not just spoiled for two weeks with incessant Christmas cheer?

This reminds me of the time when my mom returned from Switzerland with goodies and gifts for them. The entire coffee table was covered with all sorts of wonderful and unique things. After they inspected each item, and mom got ready to go home, they had asked me for something (what it was eludes me at the moment) to which I said no. A similar outburst occurred with all the usual you always say no! and you are so mean! cries and complaints. And I thought the same thoughts as I do now.

Are my children spoiled?
Are all middle-class children spoiled?
Is childhood spoiled?

It’s something to remember, and address during a quieter time, to help them understand. There is nothing wrong, in my humble opinion, of describing to them just how fortunate they are. There is nothing wrong with saying no occasionally. I should do it more often, frankly.

Because the over-indulgence is not over – today at the grocery store I saw, side by side on a shelf, Valentine’s Day chocolates and Easter Cream Eggs. On the third day of the new year.


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