Moody [lawnmower]

Today I broke the lawnmower. You can interpret the title of this post any which way you want: is the lawnmower moody? (yes) Am I moody? (yes) Is anyone else moody because of us? (yes)

I shouldn’t complain about the lawnmower, my sister gave it to us when they moved back to the west coast. But for the tiny property we have (compared to what she had when she was in Ontario) the lawnmower is

  • too powerful
  • too heavy
  • too noisy
  • too gas-sucking
  • too smokey
  • and too awkward

And now it has a bent blade. Because I drove over a metal pipe thingy that is visible when not covered by grass weeds, and theoretically I should have known its general location since I almost drove over it before, but I was moody and wanted to get it done quickly because there was hardly any gas left in the tank and our spare tank was empty and it was getting hotter and, truth be told, this isn’t my favorite activity.

Plus none of the kids were around to delegate this to, and DH was working in the downstairs office, and the weather people said rain tomorrow…,  it had to be me. And it had to be today because frankly, our property is starting to look like a bunch of gypsies live here, what with all the weeds and Chinese lantern plants that are taking over more every year. (I just mow over the stray ones. If you’re a plant lover, don’t fret, for every Chinese lantern I kill seven more will appear in its place in about 15 minutes.)

Once the lawnmower became unusable with the bent blade I had to take the weed-whacker to finish off the job. That and the manual lawnmower, which is fine to use when the grass is relatively short, and doesn’t have hidden mulch, sticks or stones all over it which tend to get stuck in the blades.

The job is not pleasant. It was fueling an already precarious mood, and by now the sun was out in full force. Also, the pool wasn’t covered and all the weed-whacked grass was getting into the water.

More work.

I kept taking breaks to complain to my friend on facebook (sorry Andrea) but then ventured out again to continue. Because if I don’t, and when the kids return, they will want to use the pool and all the un-raked grass weeds will stick to their wet feet and end up in the pool and then I’ll have to start drinking.


But I kept at it. There is little more satisfying than sitting in a pretty, clean-looking backyard watching happy children play with cool beverage in hand (my hand, not theirs). This is my motivational factor to get back out there and grin and bear the cumbersome task.

But first I had to complain to someone. So there you go, internet. Enjoy.


Tiny post-war house dilemmas

When people live in tiny homes, built during the post-war era (or thereabouts) a lot of things used to be smaller. Or missing altogether. Electrical outlets come to mind, for example. Although we are not exactly missing outlets at my house, it’s more like there’s not enough of them. I believe code today says you need one every six feet.  That would be great, luxurious even because our living room where we do most of our hanging out only has three outlets, and one doesn’t work. The other two are connected to power bars with lamps, computers and other energy-sucking devices plugged into them. That is simply not enough in today’s society.

Back in the post-war era, people seem to have managed with less stuff, and I’m not just talking about electronics. Continue reading

Free-flowing creativity doesn’t need a search engine

I sometimes wonder if the internet actually does the opposite of inspire…especially when it comes to creativity.

We all seem so taken with the internet…don’t know something? Type it into a search engine. Want to be inspired? Check Pinterest (or whatever). Feel like procrastinating? Social media.

But when it comes to actually creating something artistic, frankly, I don’t feel like we need to do any Google searches at all. Especially when it comes to the imagination of children. Let them think up their own thing, and create freely and without the constraints of someone’s preconceived idea. Continue reading

First week of summer drivel

Sometimes, it’s the little unplanned events that happen on the spur of the moment that make the best memories.

Take Wednesday, the day after Canada day and a regular work day for the bulk of the working world. I had a chiropractic appointment and was somewhat willing to leave the 9yo at home for the 30 minutes I was gone but had to take the 6yo with me. But I said something to her about going to the bakery after so he heard that and decided to join us too. After all, we can’t have one kid have a baked good and not the other, because…siblings! Kids! Also “NOT FAIR!”

You know.

*sigh* Continue reading

Summer vacation started on Friday at 3:15 pm and it’s been a pretty good start so far. We had tennis lessons, a birthday party, a visit or two, and we set up the backyard pool and a new canopy for shade over the picnic table. Which is where I’m sitting right now typing…this, ladies and gents, is my new office.


*LOVE* Continue reading

Unwanted solicitors begone

We are not the kind of people who enjoy being solicited to. We never, ever respond to unsolicited advice and DH in particular is especially keen on collecting and researching all pertinent information on a specific product or service on his own time at his own leisure, before we go out and talk to experts or sales personnel.

We never, ever buy things at the door, sent to us by email or direct mail. Anyone who thinks we are more inclined to try something or buy something by saying words that begin with “you must” or “you should” or “you have to try” is guaranteeing that we will never get that thing at all. And don’t even think of calling us on the phone….

If we ask for advice, then yeah, sure, I may take you up on a suggestion. I know already that the kind of fridge I want for my new kitchen is currently being used by friends of ours, and I will pester them for information when the time comes to purchase our own new fridge. Their advice will be invaluable and if they are willing to give us some, then I will welcome it.

But to solicit us in our home, uninvited, um…no. Don’t do that.

So, it was a couple of Sundays ago when it happened. This guy and some young woman were halfway down my driveway when my 9 year old son came to me and said ‘Mommy, they want something”. Continue reading